1863 Springfield Rifle

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This model of the Springfield rifle was manufactured in 1863 by the Springfield Armory. About 700,000 were made. It was considered the most commonly used rifle in the Civil War along with the 1861 version of this rifle. The 1863 model was considered a variant of the 1861 model. It could fire 3 to 4 times a minute because of the way it is armed. The rifleman has to ram a ramrod down the shaft of the rifle in order to push the powder and minie ball. The rifle is muzzle-loaded, and at the end of the Civil War, muzzle-loaded rifles were considered obsolete( no longer in general use) and no longer manufactured. After, pouring the powder down the barral they would put the minie ball down the barrel and would ram it into the barrel with a ramrod loading rifles. They could fire 2-3 rounds a minute.

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