Anaconda Plan

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Basically, the Anaconda plan was a massive blockade. It was used on the Confederate States of America and was meant to constrict the south and deprive it of its resources just like an Anaconda would constrict its prey until dead. The plan was proposed by General Winfield Scott who suggested a blockade of southern ports and also wanted to control the Mississippi river. By blockading major ports, the south would not be able to gain many resources in order to fight the war. Furthermore, if the north controlled the Mississippi river, the south would be split in two depriving them of even more resources and troops to fight the war in the east were most of the battles took place. Also, the north wanted to control Richmond , the Confederate capital. This picture of "Scott's Great Snake" shows the Anaconda plan in action were the snake is the Anaconda wrapping around the south and cutting off its resources. The Anaconda plan was put into action after the first battle of Bull Run. Also when the union got control of the Mississippi they were able to supply their soldiers with ammo and food and with all of that stuff being supplied they were able to win most of the battles along the river.

What the Anaconda Plan's Objectives
1.Blockade the ports. By stoping all the ports in the South, the North can cut off all the imports and exprots.
2. Control the rivers (especially the Mississippi). The Mississippi is a key route becasue it allow farmer to ship their good and products down to New Orleans and controling this cut off that trade route.
3. Divide and conquer the south. This was key becasue it split the sout in half at the Mississippi. It is much easier to control something by dividing it.


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