Andersonville Prison
Andersonville Prison

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The Andersonville Prison was a confederate prison in which union troops where kept. Originally, it was about 16.5 acres of land, surrounded by a 15 foot high wooden fence. It was expanded to 26.5 acres of land in June, 1864. From February 1864 to the end of June, about 400 prisoners were brought each day. There were over 12,000 union prisoners that died there out of the 40,000 that were kept there. Conditions were extremely rough, and can easily be compared to the conditions in a concentration camp or life of a slave. Most of the Union officers and leaders were very distraught to hear about all the prisoners in the camp, and they were infuriated to know that the prisoners were being treated so poorly in fact the only person executed in the civil war was the manager of the camp for treating the prisoners so inhumanly. The camp finally ceased to exist in May of 1865.

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