Artillery in the Civil War

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In the Civil War, artillery was an extremely important part in battles. The artillery was basically most firearms, cannons, and the ammunition and supplies that went with it. The most well known and famous of the artillery was the 12-pounder Napoleon.12 pounder Napoleon cannon. Field Cannons had to be hauled around attached to a limber(a wagon that carried the ammunition) and a team of horses. There were also smaller cannons and lots of rifles. There was field artillery(cannons and other guns used in land battles like Gettysburg), as well as siege and naval artillery(used in forts and on ships, which were mostly fixed canons and turrets of all shapes and sizes). The artillery played a vital role in the civil war in helping the infantry and cavalry, as one cannon could do as much damage as hundreds of rifles. Some examples of the tasks that artillery soldiers had to do was: Driving the teams of horses, steering and positioning the cannons for battle(which must have have a difficult task, considering the weight of the cannons used), loading the cannons, and operating the cannons and turrets.

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