Battle of Chancellorsville

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Began at April 26 to May 6, 1863. The leader of the Union Army was General Joseph Hooker while the Confederate Army was lead by General Robert E. Lee.

The battle of Chancellorsville was general Lee's greatest victory. In the battle the Union Army had completely surrounded the Confederate Army. Once night had fallen, Lee ordered his troops to divide up. General Stonewall Jackson's army dropped all their canteens and items that would create noise, and proceeded on a 17 mile march around the Union army and hide in the woods. They then attacked them from both sides, catching them completely off guard. In fact, some were still eating and doing other things at leisure. When Stonewall Jackson charged the Union army, the Union was completely caught off guard and just ran away. Some people got into little lines and attempted to attack back, but overall the Confederates swept the battle field. Stonewall Jackson toppled the line regiment plowing into the next, much like a domino effect. Unfortunately it became too dark and Jackson had to hurry back to his own line. He was shot because the the picket guards could mistook him for Union. This was a great loss to the Confederate's war effort. When the Lee won this battle he got the idea and courage to attack the North. He knew that if he got two big wins in the North the war would be over.

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