Belle Boyd

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Belle Boyd was one of the most famous Confederate Spies.She was born in Martinsburg (now West Virginia). At her father's hotel in Front Royal she was able to operate and provide valuable information to Generals Turner Ashby and "Stonewall" Jackson.The latter general then made her a captain and honorary aide-de-camp on his staff so she was able to witness troop reviews. On July 29, 1862, her lover betrayed her and she was sent to Old Capitol Prisonin Washington. In June 1863, she got arrested again. When she was released in December, she was sent to Europe to recover from the typhoid that she was diagnosed with when released. On her way back she fell in love and married Samuel Hardinge. He later died as a prisoner of the Union. She had a stage career and published Belle Boyd in Camp and Prison. She later died when touring the Western United States in 1900.

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