Christmas during the Civil War

An HMS American Cultures collaborative production

While all the fighting was going on during the civil war, how did the soldiers celebrate the great holidays we still celebrate today? One holiday we celebrate today that was also celebrated durring the Civil war was Christmas. Both the United States and the Confederate states celebrated Christmas. Despite the fact that Christmas was celebrated durring the Civil war, Christmas did not become an official holiday until five years after the war. In fact, Christmas became a holiday in attempt to unite the North and South. Even though Christmas was not an official holiday durring this time, there where still intresting ways they celebrated Christmas. They didn't go to a store and buy some ornaments and put them on a tree. They decorated their Christmas trees with Pork and Crackers. Some generals where kind enough to give their soldiers special meals. Others where not as fortunate, and got no special treatment on Christamas. Durring the many Christmases Lincoln also got involved. In 1861, Lincoln had a Christmas Party, In 1862 Lincoln visited Union soldiers, and in 1863 Lincoln visited Union soldiers again this time with his son Tad Lincoln.

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