Clara Barton

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Clarissa Harlowe Barton was born on December 25, 1821 and died April 12, 1912. More commonly known as just Clara Barton, she is mostly known as a Nurse during the civil war. Clara was not specifically a nurse though. She was a teacher, and before becoming a nurse during the civil war she worked at the patent office in Washington D.C.
Clara Barton was just a normal citizen, know as a kind women, and a teacher. She was a humanitarian. When the Civil War was just beginning she was working in Washington D.C., which was close to some of the first battles. The first land battle at Bull Run was where she first started to nurse. She decided to obtain and supply medical supplies and such to the soldiers. Later this organization would be know as the American Red Cross, which is still running presently. At first Clara was not allowed to give medial attention to the soldiers on the battle fields. She was only allowed to ride in ambulances with them to where they would be taken care of by other nurses, and Clara herself. Finally, she was allowed to bring medical supplies to the battlefields and provide attention to wounded soldiers right there, during the battles. Clara also had other important roles during the war, she was put in charge of finding the missing Union soldiers. One escaped solider came to her with a list of many of the dead Union soldiers. This list was eventually published and had over 13,000 names.


Clara Barton, teacher, nurse, and humantarian was known as a heroic women and " The Angel of the Battlefield". Clara saved many lives, and served a big role in the Civil War even though she wasn't the one of the people holding the guns. Her organization, The American Red Cross is still up and running, and still serving Americans in times of need.

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