Coal Torpedo

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Coal Torpedo

The inventor of the Coal Torpedo was Thomas Edgeworth Countenay. It was invented in Richmond Virginia.The Coal Torpedo was hollow, iron, and filled with explosives covered in coal dust. hte coals lining was abouth 3/8 inch thick empty inside filled with about 2/4 ounces ofo gun powder. Then sealed up and covered in metal beeswax then covered in coal dust. The ship that it was meant to take down was steam transportation. It was not meant to sink a ship but to puncturer the steam boiler and potentialy catch the vessle on fire.They would place them on the boats were the other coal was, when they went to put more coal in they would grab some of the coal torpedoes and it would ignight in the steam boiler and blow up that part of the ship. The Torpedo was similar to a 6 poud shrapnel shell they were equvilent to three civil war grinade. The toropedo was good at leaving little to no evidence of the attack.

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