Escapes from Andersonville

an HMS American Cultures collaborative production

Andersonville Prison was the prison for all Union soldiers during the time of the Civil War. Andersonville at one point held a total of 32,000 Union prisoners, so the conditions were terrible on account of the prison was meant to only hold 10,000 prisoners. This further encouraged men to escape from this "hell hole". Although not much is known about escapes from Andersonville we can only expect that it was very difficult to escape from Andersonville Prison for many reasons. First there was a huge wall covering all of the prision yard composed of giant pine logs, second some 25 feet inside that was a much smaller, lighter fnce called the "dead line" in which the guards, in towersthat circled the prisons walls 30 yards from each other other, would open fire on the inmates if they went there. Because of these factors it would make it next to impossible to escape, but many still did using tactics like embracing special skills that would draw them outside of the prisn to make their escape. Also once you got out and were on the run you were not done yet because they had dogs that circled the prision for miles. So although it seems next to impossible to escape from a place like that, men still managed to escape.external image Andersonville_prison.png

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