Famous Horses from the Civil War

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During the Civil War, both the Confederate and the Union army had a cavalry. If you had a horse, you had a good chance of getting into your army's cavalry. There were many famous horses from the Civil War including Traveller, Cincinnati, and Baldy. Confederate General Robert E. Lee rode many horses, but Traveller was his favorite, and most famous. It was Traveller he rode at the end of the Civil War. Traveller is such famous horse, that a book was written about him. "Traveller" was written by Richard Adams as a book about the Civil War, through the gelding's eyes. Cincinnati was the horse of Union General Ulysses S. Grant. Cincinnati was given to Grant as a president and was said to be, "The best horse in the world." Grant loved the horse so much he rode him throughout the war, and never let anyone else ride him. Cincinnati was the son of Lexington, the fastest four mile thoroughbred in the United States at the time. Cincinnati died in 1878 in Maryland, on the farm of Grant's friend, Admiral Daniel Ammen. Baldy was originally ridden by General David Hunter at the battle of Bull Run. Baldy was hit in the nose and the flank by a flying shell, and was put in the Cavalry Depot in Washington D.C.. It was there that General George G. Meade bought him for $150.

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