Henry Rifle

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The Henry rifle was a lever action breech loading rifle. The Henry rifle was a .44 caliber rifle created by Benjamin Tyler Henry in 1850. It updated the earlier Volcanic repeating rifle. The make up of the Henry rifle was copper later changed to brass because it broke to easily when it was used in the civil war. The Henry rifle was mainly used by cavalry because you it didn't take long to reload and had a magazine capacity of 16 bullets. The Henry rifle was rare to find though during the civil war because there were only 14,000 units manufactured during the time in the civil war. This was one of the fastest rifles shooting 28 rounds per minute. Also soldier liked the weapon because they thought it would help the survive the civil war. Only 15 Confederate units came in contact with this weapon. In summary the rifle was rare but deadly and one of the most advanced rifles of its time.


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