Jennie Wade

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Her whole name being Mary Virginia Wade, she was called Jennie or Ginnie Wadeby her friends and family. She was born in May 21, 1843. She lived with her mother and two younger brothers on Breckenridge Street. She was a seamstress. Her father was living at a mental asylum. On July 1st, the day that the battle began, she traveled to her sister's house with her mother and her brothers in order to help her with her newborn baby. Her sister, Georgia McClellan lived on 528 Baltimore Street. During the time of the battle, more than 150 bullets hit the McClellan house. On July 3rd, 1863 Jenny was kneading bread in the kitchen, when a minie ball came through the kitchen door of the house, hit her left shoulder blade, passed through her heart and ended up in her corset. She died instantly, the only civilian who was killed directly during the battle of Gettysburg. She was engaged to Corporal Johnston H.Skelly of the 87th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantrywho ended up dying on July 12, 1863, never knowing that she had died before him.
This is the door to the house where Jennie died

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