Ketchum grenade

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Ketchum Grenade

The Ketchum Grenade was invented and developed by William F. Ketchum. These grenades were one of the many types of grenades that were used during the Civil War. This type of grenade was the grenade that got most of the Military's attention. Not just because of how well it worked, but because of all the problems with it. The Ketchum Grenade mostly came in one, three, and five pound explosives. The were delivered in wooden boxes, delivered to the soldiers, then the soldiers had to put the three pieces of it together. This grenade consisted of the Tail Fins, the body, and the pressure plate. This type of grenade was mostly used in combat between ships, where it was most effective in putting holes in ships. On land, it didn't work so well. The confederates thought of a brilliant idea, why don't we "Ketchum"(catch them)! The Confederates caught the grenades using blankets and threw them back at the Union, which ended with disastrous results. Instead of killing the Confederates, the grenades the Union soldiers just threw at them were coming back at them. The grenade quickly became and embarrassing weapon, and was almost never used again.

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