M1819 Hall Rifle

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The M1819 Hall Rifle was Americas first breech loading weapon (breech loading means that you have to load the ammo into or near the back of the barrel). The M1819 Hall Rifle was created by a Captain John H. Hall, and it was patented on May 21st 1811, also it was adopted by the US Army in 1820-1821. The time that the M1819 Rifle started to be produced was 1820-1830. The Rifle could have been created with a percussion cap, or a flint-lock, breech loading rifles remained to be overshadowed by common muskets and muzzle loading rifles (a muzzle loading rifle is a rifle that you have to load the ammo from the muzzle of the gun). M1819 was used mostly by the United states. The M1819's caliber is .69, and the cartridge holds paper with a .69 led ball. M1819 Hall Rifle has a fire rate of 8-10 shots per minute, and the length of the rifle is 48-60 inches long.

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