Medal of Honor

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This is the Medal of Honor Ribbon. These ribbons are the Army's, Navy's, and Air Force's.

The medal of honor, or the congressional medal of honor, is one of the most prestigious and honorable award any military person can earn. This is the highest military decoration award and is presented by the US Government. It is for people in the military who have gone above and beyond the expectations in helping their country and have risked their life everyday. This award is also given not only while the hero is alive, but when they are dead. The person who gives the medal to the brave and couragous soldier is the president himself. Each different branch's medal of honor has a different design. The medal of honor is an amazing award but it still, like many things, has lots of controversies. After World War II many question why this award had not been given to any African Americans. Bill Clinton then upgraded several African Americans that had the Distinguished Service Cross, to the Medal of Honor. Since 1863, the day of the medal's creation, 3400 men and 1 woman have been given this medal. The most awards ever awarded were 20 at Wounded Knee.

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