Sharps Rifle

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The sharps rifle was one of the most used and best known breech loading gun in the Civil War. Over 100,000 carbines were issued during the Civil War to the Union army and 15000 sharps rifles were issued to the Union as well. And when first created, the sharps carbine was used to hunt buffalo, but then was used in the civil war. The sharps carbine is 39 and a half inches and is 8 pounds and it shoots at 1100 feet per second and is a 52 caliber gun. And This gun has a set trigger which is used by the buffalo hunters to make it more accurate. The sharps carbine was one of the the most used weapons by the Union infantry in the Civil War. This gun was easily able to operate from horseback because of the percussion cap on it and you would just flip the cap and it would make it easier.

Image Source: Cherry's

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